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The local CSI product show will take place tomorrow.  These events produced local chapters of the Construction Specifications Institute provide a major service to the local construction industry.  This happens in many ways, some obvious, some not so obvious.

 The obvious:  Product representatives from around the region will display their latest and greatest, taking advantage of the opportunity to talk with more construction professionals than they could possibly deal with in a day of making sales calls.  Also obvious:  The concurrent seminars are an important source of technical information to the attendees.  Additionally, a lot of networking will take place.

Now the not so obvious:  The local product shows are great leadership development and team building vehicles.  Most of these shows are produced by committees of dedicated volunteers made up of experienced veterans and younger workers.  The veteran committee members bring with them the wisdom of the years; what works and is proven.  The younger participants bring fresh ideas which keep the shows current and relevant.  The evolution of ideas is the strength of the younger members of CSI and, given the opportunity to implement their ideas, will serve as a means of member retention and leadership development.  Both are essential to the survival of any organization.

With that said, embrace and mentor the younger members of your organization.  They are the future.


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