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Late this past week, I had a lengthy conversation with a client about how her windows should be flashed.  Specifically, she was looking for my thoughts on pan flashing below the windows, as the flashing pan below the window is the last bastion of defense against water getting into the house around the windows.

 I usually begin a conversation on flashing with the following statement:  “There is only one basic rule when it comes to flashing – Water runs downhill.  If this fact is respected, your home will stay dry”.

 Flashing is the most important element of an enclosure system.  It is the single element that makes a rain screen system work, whether that system consists of siding, brick veneer, EIFS, or any number of other types of systems.  If the enclosure system isn’t properly flashed, the framing behind it will ultimately rot out and there will be mold problems in the house.  Left unnoticed (this is usually a concealed condition), the very structure of the house will be impaired.

 A properly installed flashing system should not add to the cost of a house.  You will find, in fact, that most codes require it.  Simple attention to doing it correctly and providing a means for drainage caught by the flashing to be diverted from the structure will save headaches and the costs associated with correcting them for the life of the structure.

 As time goes on, I will post more specific writings on this topic.  Green construction depends on getting the moisture control right, and flashing is the most important component of moisture control.

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